Here are some of my ideas that I gather to develop a preschool lesson plan. I had orginally considered purchasing curriculum. I went to book fairs and looked at curriculum, materials and lesson plans they provided, I did not find anything that I could not do myself with my preschooler. I thought why not? So I got a binder and created sections in it for ideas to borrow from for lessons and activities for the week.
At the front of my book is my weekly schedule on what we are doing in our that week. In that section, I included snacks that go with our lessons. For example in May we did “bug week” so I have recipes for ants on a log, caterpillar fruit snack, spider cookies, and dirt cake.

I had the days of the week listed with what we were going to cover that day, activities and field trips.

The next section, is our Skills checklist. It lists the areas that my preschooler will work on throughout the year.

For preschoolers, you can use Skill Checklist for Children 4.0 – 4.6 years

Here is a Skill Checklist for Children 3.0 – 3.6 years

If you need you print your own skills checklist. Here are the links below.
It lists skills for ages 2, 3, 4 and 5 years of age.

For age 5

My next section is Themes
I have a list of ideas for themes we can cover like the bug week we did in May. In it are lists of links and sites that offer books, lesson plans, recipes, songs, games, activities, art/crafts, coloring pages,
worksheets and more.
My favorite site for ideas is Pratt’s Educational Resources This is the link for the main page:

Here is the link for Ideas and Themes:

Each week, we cover a phonics sound.
For example one week we covered the long (a) sound. I printed a page from and it has pictures of a whale, sail boat, train, grapes, etc. I pronunced the word for each picture and asked my preschooler to repeat it. We work on this for about 15 minutes, three times a week.
Here is the link for phonics from Ed helper for their sample worksheets
Also, I want to mention that great ideas for preschool to kindergarten.  

for Reading, I have a reading list of books we can cover related to our lessons. When we covered bug week, we read together:
“The very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
“There was old lady who swallowed a fly” by Pam Adams.


In it I have Ideas and Activities for math. We use manipulatives in Math as well a pattern blocks.  I am not in favor of using flashcards with numbers to introduce math to a toddler/preschooler. Some cannot grasp the concept, so instead we do things like playdough math, Counting shapes that we make with the playdough. I have found that this keeps their attention better.
We also do sorting games like seed sorting when we had a study on gardening.We cover math patterns, group, number recognition,etc.  

Tracing numbers and shapes are a good way of helping your child. But before that I suggest that you try some exercises with your toddler
like pouring pasta into containers. This helps strengthen the muscles in their hands used for writing.

Have your child trace shapes because they are the easiest. Start with lines, circles, then ovals. Once they have managed shapes, you can move on to numbers: the number one is easy because it is like a line.

Donna Young has some great printables for pre-writing exercises.
Her link:
Click link under Handwriting.



Experiences, activities and field trips can be included in your science lessons. I have found that gardening with your child is a great area for science lessons because it is hands on and many children relate better to hands on activities.
Field Trips are important too because they provide outside stimulus for them. The can learn about many things by visiting factories, plants and places of interest.
I keep a list of places in our city that we can visit as field trips for our family and attend a biweekly “science in the park” with our local homeschooling group.

One thing if you can’t leave home is go on virtual field trips with your child. I have a list of links that I will provide for you in a separate post here in this forum for those of you interested!

In this section, I have a list of teaching activities that include:
-Modes of transportation (toys related to methods of transportation like cars, buses, airplanes, etc.)

-Games like identifying places in our neighborhood (stores, businesses, gas station, schools, airport, etc)

-cultural customs: we can talk about holiday celebrations, food, clothing, or other experiences. One thing we do is have ethnic food night so our son can experience the food of the country we can reading about that week.

-Community Helper Activities
for eample, we play post office and talk about what a mail carrier does.

-Listing of Safety Activities
Discussing safety rules and encouraging our child to obey them. You can make a list of emergency phone numbers to teach your child I think it is important to teach our child their address and phone number.

-Songs/ Finger plays
I keep a listing of finger plays we can perform about what we have learned in our social studies and we sing songs related to our lessons.

This is just a listing of recipes and ideas we can do for art and crafts. I used to teach arts and crafts in a daycare and kept most of my lists for projects. Some of the projects we do help with fine motor skills.

I think that physical education is important so I have included Activities we can do as a family together. We have done things like Block Bowling.

AtoZ teacherstuff has agreat list of ideas for this!



I am also covering learning about the Health (eg: human body) and about hygiene so I have lists for lessons in this section.


We cover bible stories and games.
I use interactive stories and make games that relate to our readings as well as singing songs.
I have a cafemom group called Children’s First Bible Lessons. We post children’s bible themes and lists ideas for recipes, art and crafts, lesson plans, etc.
Here is the link to the group below:
I hope this helps you with your ideas to plan preschool lessons/themes.