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This morning I came across a group activity from   Education World that I think could be adapted for the pre-kindergarten level.  

Those Tear-Me-Apart, Put-Me-Back-Together, Never-Be-the-Same-Again Blues

This powerful activity illustrates how words can hurt — or heal.

My recommendations:
There are areas that you would omit but for the most part I would use the discussion on how words can hurt others, how it is to be the new student or person in a group.

I found the use of making a construction paper siloutte of a classmate with no features that the children could address was effective for this activity.  I believe that if tailored for younger children (ages 4-5) that it too can be effective as a tool for teaching children that words can hurt.  

I would use some discretion for a pre-k group when using this activity based on the children’s understanding.