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About me
Hello I’m Mrs. K (a former preschool and daycare teacher).
I’m a homeschooling mom to two boys, ages 3 and 9.  Early on, my husband and I decided as parents to homeschool despite having
a child with special needs.  In the beginning, we were faced with criticism along the way… we’ve gained supporters of our family
and its decision to homeschool.  

It is my hope to provide ideas for other homeschooling families and educators.  For years I have moderated Homeschool boards. In 2007, I created two cafemom groups. This New Year I have decided to start a teaching blog for Preschool to Pre-K.  It is called Preschool Themes. Each week I’ll post a weekly theme and also share ideas for Kids crafts, books, etc. 

It is my hope that by sharing ideas, we can learn more ourselves and help others.  I hope that your feedback will let me know how we are doing.



Here you’ll find early childhood themes for preschool to pre-k. (ages 3-5).  The information I list for each theme may seem overwhelming but I try to find something that everyone can use.

For age 3:
I try not to overwhelm younger children.  
I normally do arts and crafts, cognitive, manipulative, sensory activities,  flannel board stories, reading books to the child, and preschool science activities. 

I’ve listed Teacher Resources which you’ll find at the tab on the top of my blog as well as links to my Art and Crafts recipes.  I am adding to the Teacher Resources each week so keep checking. If you find a broken link, please let me know by commenting at the specific page or post.          

To the right, you’ll see a small column which lists current and upcoming themes for the month and following month. Scroll down and you’ll see a drop down bar for labels which lists the categories I have used to file each post under. Some maybe found under similar subjects. I think the drop down bar is better than you seeing a long list that takes up space.    
Bear with me as I begin transferring past theme unit to this site. I have had them stored elsewhere and it will take some time to add theme.  

Thanks for visiting and drop a line or two!
I appreciate feedback.

~ Mrs. K ~



One Response to “About”

  1. MomBlogger Says:

    Hello Mrs. K.
    I’m glad to see your blog and will be forwarding your link to several of the mothers that I know that work with young children.
    I have recently taken on the task of helping some local preschools put together a web presence and created some wordpress themes to help them turn their blogs into websites.
    In addition to helpign them set these up… I am always looking for appropriate links to add content to their sites!
    Thanks again for taking the time to create this blog!

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